Based in the Boston area, Fields of Vision is a partnership between award-winning producers Jim Carroll and Peter Frechette.

Jim Carroll

Peter Frechette

The company was formed in 2000. Before that, both Jim and Peter worked several years for New England Sports Network as producers and editors for the highly acclaimed Front Row series and Boston Red Sox Baseball.

In 2005, Liz McEachern-Hall joined Fields of Vision as an editor and producer. Liz had previously worked at MIX 98.5 and interned at New England Sports Network.

Liz McEachern Hall

Although already established in the region for some of their high profile sports documentaries, Fields of Vision has grown in a short time to produce films and videos for businesses, non-profits, schools and other organizations looking for high quality production and original story-telling abilities.

Whether on television, a website, or at a school or corporate function, FOV productions are making a difference.